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14 Feb

“Women, Madonnas, saints and Queens” a new production of Marella Ferrera


The exhibition in Catania “Women, Madonnas, saints and Queens” a new production of Marella Ferrera, a tribute to Sant’Agata between the sacred and the profane, an extraordinary collection of wooden statues and dummies from 1500 to the present. The exhibition will be open until April 26, 2014 at the MF- MuseumFashion square in the Duke of Genoa to Catania with free admission until February 5.

It is a collection of ” Madonna Dressed ” – mannequins and wax modeling – dating from the sixteenth century until the first half of the twentieth which are juxtaposed some contemporary works of Master Giammona.

Recovering an ancient pagan and Christian tradition , or the dressing of wooden statues with gold and precious garments , the designer of Catania in 2009 had the task of “dress up” the goddesses Demeter and Kore (the Acroliths Morgantina now on display at the Archaeological Museum aidone, Enna) presents a collection of statues of the Madonna wearing dresses she elaborated .

The “Madonna” in the show, from the sixteenth century to the beautiful “Mary weaver ,” the delicate work of the eighteenth -century Sicilian production, are made of wax, wood and cloth with moving parts for ease of donning and have whole kits : clothes, coats , clothing, elaborate wigs , some artifacts used as the supporting structure of the perch wood and straw and cotton yarn, but most are carved in wood with articulated limbs .
The Madonnas , and witness the bust of St. Agatha carried in procession on the occasion of the festivities, as real women must “appear” , indeed be beautiful , adorned like queens are not enough robes and mantles valuable but must show , and tradition remains unchanged as in the case of Sant’Agata , even their jewelry kits result of donations from devotees.
Women, Virgins, Saints and Queens veiled and unveiled , indeed ” Svilate”, appear suddenly in the caves are covered with gold and light on the altars, move to the rhythm of the tragic and joyous Easter in Sicily. This exhibition, as well as a party, it shows and hides, offers and withdraws, is close to the eye and captures him and then vanish in the memory of a glow and a twinkle deafening.


Catania , MF & Fashion Museum
26 January to 26 April 2014

Tuesday – Sunday from 10.00 to 19.00
closed on Mondays

Free entrance until February 5
February 6 ADULTS € 5,00 REDUCED € 3.00

Educational visits to all schools and grades
Guided tours for associations , groups and companies

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