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Roman Theatre Catania | The virtual reconstruction videos

teatro romano b&b cataniaThese days in Catania was presented the video of the 3D virtual reconstruction of the Roman Theatre of Catania’s oldest theater in this city to witness the ancient civilization in Sicily. The video based on a IBAM CNR research conducted on the monument were focused most monumental architectural appearance to unveil an unprecedented face of the ancient building located today in the historic center of Catania on the side of the hill Montevergine in the middle of a neighborhood full of archaeological evidence is still the heart of the city.

We refer for more information of the article magazine online di turismo Girasicilia.

What is the oldest of Catania theater it is enclosed and hidden by nineteenth-century buildings in the heart of the old historical city and it shows to the visitor almost unexpectedly, as soon as you cross the entrance of the building located at no. 266 Via Vittorio Emanuele.
The Roman theater b & b cataniaIl its present appearance dates back to Roman times (second century AD), but the monument was erected on an existing Greek era theater of which today no trace, which stood on the southern flank of the hill Montevergine, the ‘ancient acropolis of the city was within this greek theater that the Athenian leader Alcibiades held a big town meeting to urge the people of Catania to ally with him against Sparta and against Syracuse during the Peloponnesian war … [More info: Il teatro romano di Catania | Gira Sicilia eventi turismo itinerari]

il teatro romano b&b cataniaOpening times of the Roman Theatre:

From 9:00 to 18:00 hours continued
Every day including holidays

Admission free up to 18 years.
€ 6 ticket – for residents 1 euro
Discounts for students and over 60






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