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13 Mag

The night of the museums in Catania

Free admission to all the museums participating in the initiative that the European Cultural remain open from 20:00 to 24:00 on 17 May 2014.
These museums of Catania participating in the initiative . More information on the official site of the event : “European Night of Museums” .


A night at MF & Fashion Museum – ” Women, Virgins , Saints & Queens”
MF & Fashion Museum
A historical survey from the sixteenth century to the present day , through a collection of Madonnas wood and wax , stressing the importance of the dress, rites of investiture , jewelery and votive ” vestitrici ” over the centuries , in what is can define a route anthropological in Sicily.
On the occasion of the Night of Museums will be able to visit the exhibition free of charge up to 23.30 (last admission 23.00 ) . The exhibition is open until 26 July.

Sant ‘Agata la Vetere – points of the process and martyrdom
Moral Authority Sant’Agata la Vetere
Inside the church, guided tours will be offered by the volunteers of the National Civil Service . We will discuss the history of the building and the reason why this place is important for the worship Agatino . Among the many things you will be shown the remains of the first cathedral of Catania and the original sarcophagus where Agatha was put to death.
In addition, you will be taken in the basement , where our patron saint endured the trial and martyrdom of the tear of the breasts . No reservation is required .
The scheduled time of the most recent entries is 00:00. Admission is free.

Night at the Museum of Ceramics of Caltagirone
Regional Museum of Ceramics
The Museum of Caltagirone has the feature to gather all the evidence from the prehistoric world until the twentieth secolo.Il program for the opening night planned to accompany the visual experience of works of art with the sound of music that has always constituted a inseparable aspect for the understanding of art . : the songs will be performed live by an orchestra of school children attending secondary schools : this will be another reason for opening the museum to those categories of users who are more reluctant to use the historicized cultural venues , as, indeed , the museo.Inoltre , the pieces performed will have a strong relationship with the exhibits , and the historical reference period pieces , as well as with the Sicilian folk music , which the ceramic costuisce iconographic motif characterizing .

music | light | night
Church of Santa Barbara Paterno
Unraveling the space, the chromatic vibrations with the increase of the light source and its intensity , the music underscores this sensory rise and reached the peak of sonority accompany the veil space until the return of the initial darkness , underlining the only light element pictorial depicting Holy patron of the church .

Art exhibition of Julio Larraz – Special Opening
Puglisi Cosentino Foundation

A thousand miles away , traveling theater show
Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolò l’ Arena
Also this year, Officine Cultural adheres to the ” The European Night of Museums” by offering a unique and fascinating between the monastery and church , a traveling show striking : A thousand miles away .
The Benedictine Monastery of Catania is ” broken up ” state after the seizure took place in 1866 : the church , the library , the botanical garden and the monastic building used as a variety of uses ( and recently transformed into a university ) , are divided physically and administratively , apparently united but separated by membranes that do still appear to be dissected and partly mutilated. Cultural workshops , with the help of Father Ruggeri ( rector of the church of San Nicolò l’ Arena ) , the Municipality of Catania and DiSUm ( Department of Humanities , University of Catania ), Friday 16 and Saturday 17 May, the doors unfold communication between the Monastery and the Church , proposing a path that the Benedictines were the usual cross. The Monastery dialogue with the Church and for two nights the two environments will show up together as they were conceived, designed and built.
Friday, 16 and Saturday, May 17 Pamela Toscano and Angelo D’ Agosta , interpreters and authors of the theatrical event , ” A Thousand Miles Away ,” will lead the audience through a journey of history, but most of the suggestions and emozioni.L ‘ itinerary will take place at ‘ interior of the Monastery and the Church , places separated by a single door that will be open to the public for the second time , led up to the altar where the body of Donato del Piano sound thanks to the expert hands of Franco Lazarus.
“A thousand miles away ,” loosely based on the novel ” Donato del Piano ” by Federico De Roberto , is a theatrical journey written for the place in which it lies : in which the word , gesture and the notes are designed to marry architectures and the suggestions of the Benedictine monastic complex . The play moves from the entrance of the Monastery extraordinary , full of light, until the twilight of the cloister of the Levant, the sacristy and the sanctuary ; to return to the light and purity of the Church of St. Nicholas .
The show will be staged on Friday, May 16th at 19:00 and at 21:00 , Saturday, May 17 at 19:00.
Given the success of the last edition and the limited number of seats reservation is required numbers 0957102767 | 3349242464 .
Admission: € 8 – € reduced Monastery Card 6 (the discount will be applied to a companion of the owner of the card) .

PoetArte to Macs for the Night of the Museums
Museum MACS
The MACS , Museum of Contemporary Art, Sicily, Saturday 17 May, from 20.00 to 23.00 , subscribes to the event ” Night of Museums “, offering an evening elegant correspondence between art and poetry. Guests can visit the exhibition free of charge For Imaginem Suan by Alberto Agazzani ( present, with many works , the artists : Marco Bolognesi , Joseph Bombaci , Roberta Coni , Dino Cunsolo , Peter Demetz , Joseph Guindani , Paci Nunzio , Nicola Pucci , Davide Puma , Silvio Porzionato , Alexander Reggioli , Luciano Vadalà – the exhibition is open until November 30, 2014 every day except Thursdays , from 10.00 to 19.00 ), and from 20.30 to 22.30 , participate in the first edition of PoetArte , reading poems edited by Grace Calanna , which will alternate , each with its own peculiar phrasing seven poets : Selenia Bellavia , Angela Bonanno, Maria Gabriella Canfarelli , Maria Rita Pennisi , Margaret Rimi , Taibbi and Anna Francesca Vasta. With them , to quote the words of Andrea Zanotto , the protagonist , the poem ” increasingly topical because it represents the greatest hope, dell’anelito man toward the upper world .”

The Night of Museums Paternò
The City of Paterno opens up the places of art and culture to the city. And ‘ possible to visit free places of historical, artistic and cultural join the initiative through the guided tour that will give life to the places of living and historical memory .

The power of faith , the splendor of the works to the Museum in St. Nicholas Militello Val di Catania
Museum St. Nicholas
In this edition of the Night of the Museums in the museum St. Nicholas will be able to visit the exhibition on the occasion of Easter : ” Popule MI , QUID TIBI STOOL ” – the power of faith , the splendor of the works. In addition, after a conference on the theme ” Museum and territory” at 20.00 students of the restoration workshop of the local art school , give rise to a laboratory demonstration of restoration of small oil paintings of an ancient Via Crucis.

From the rooftops of San Nicolò l’ Arena Catania
Church of St. Nicholas Arena
Friday, 16 and Saturday, May 17 Yards Culture, in collaboration with the Municipality of Catania, Department for Knowledge and Shared Beauty , adheres to the ” The European Night of Museums” with a unique and fascinating : from 15:00 to 18:00 you can visit for free the Church of St. Nicholas Arena . On the occasion of “The European Night of the Muses” will also re-opened the “path of the gutter ” along the roofs of the church with an exciting view on the historic city nestled between the harbor, the sea and Mount Etna.
Due to the limited number of seats reservation is required by calling the info point of Cultural Workshops numbers 0957102767 | 3349242464 , daily from 9:00 to 17:00 . Admission is free .

Opening of the Extraordinary Touch Museum Borges Catania
Tactile Museum Borges
The Printing Regional Braille – NPO is pleased to announce that at the splendid initiative of ” THE NIGHT OF THE MUSEUMS ,” Saturday, 17/05/2014 from 18:00 to 24:00 will hold the local Polo Tactile Media , located in 602 Via Etna (Catania ) , open to the citizens . Visitors will have the opportunity so to ” touch” the wonderful works created in the laboratories of the Regional Printing Braille , specially created for a total use by blind and , as you can recognize by touch , closing his eyes , the beautiful Piazza di San Pietro , the spectacular Teatro Bellini , the Creation of Adam studied and many other works in the museum . The occasion will also be pleased to offer a great coffee in our beautiful bar in the Dark , discover all the latest news of the only showroom for the blind in Italy , and finally make a wonderful walk in the Sensory Garden where you can hone the senses guided safely by a tactile specially designed for the visually impaired. You are welcome. For info and reservations 095/ 500 177

Alessi Palace Paterno
Images from Altroquando is, therefore, a provocation, maybe a mental projection of our deepest frustrations , if it is true , how true it is , that our frustrations thinking of architects , designers, urban spaces arise from the discrepancy between how a place and as we would like it to be, especially in our city, then Atroquando is the place to give vent to our frustrations and get rid of it .
Altroquando is an imaginative space , a corner of our minds imagine the places where in any other way , ” different places” .
It is the ideal place , a parallel Paterno , in another time, another when in fact, where we imagine that in our city for a moment, just a moment you enliven those architectures that are actually in other places . Allowing them to re- draw a territory of the ideal city made of architectures , surely dear to us , more or less known , in place of abandoned places , abandoned, lost opportunities , gaps, smarginati , but to which we recognize physical strength and significance .

“Turkish Festival” in Catania at the association Ashram (MultiKulti)
Association Ashram (MultiKulti) Catania
On the occasion of the ” Night of Museums ” the association proposes a festival dedicated to the Turkish culture . The initiative is being run as part of the EVS ( European Voluntary Service ) ” For Peace and Brotherhood”
h . 19:30 – h.20.30 ” EBRU ” (drawing water) : A short demonstration of the ancient technique of Turkish paper marbling ; free admission
WHAT IS EBRU : Marbling is a technique of decorative color on paper that mimics , reproducing the mottling of color, a marble surface . Consists in placing a sheet of paper on the surface of a liquid specially prepared and is made possible thanks to the properties of different liquids insoluble in one another.
h . 21:00 Turkish gastronomy : the triumph of flavors and odors of Turkish cuisine , preparation of Tutan Yilmaz – booking and social contribution
h . 22:30 – h.23.30 folk dances and traditional Turkish sounds close together for a fun and magical . Free admission





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