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3 Giu

Notes in Etna, the concert at 1750 meters altitude.

A live concert at 1750 meters above sea level , nestled among the woods and pine forest. On June 5, returns for the second year “Note Altitude “, an event at the end of the school year with musical direction Trecastagni and Nicolosi. The appointment is at 16 Park Etnavventura (Etna) , near the pine forest and the forest of chestnut trees in the Fossa crater off the ship. Here school students Ercole Patti Trecastagni, and Dusmet Nicolosi, will create a real spectacle. Thanks to the charming atmosphere, with the frame of a sunset at high altitude, music and nature merge together, wishing happy holidays to all.

With the young musicians there will also be their teachers. In fact, to accompany pupils Trecastagni will Tiziana Cavaleri (for class Cello), Santa Di Stefano (for class piano), Marco Giuffrida (for the class of Violin), and Daniel Zappala (for the class of Trumpet); Students of the musical school “Dusmet ” will be guided, however, by the teachers Carlo Carbonaro (for the class of Flute) Marcella Catanzaro (for the class of Clarinet), Dario Strazzeri (for class piano) and Stephanie Tosto (for the class of Harp).

Admission is free . No dogs allowed.

How to get there:
Go to the website where you’ll find a window with a map , directions and distances .
Or, on the SP 92 Nicolosi -Etna in 14th Km from Pines of Nicolosi, turn left and follow the signs for ” Park Etnavventura .”
Leave the car at the roadside and walk into the estate of Pit Ship.
It is advisable to bring a mat or blanket.



“Over the raimbow” di Harold Arlen: Orchestra Dusmet
“Il postino” di Luis Enríquez Bacalov: Orchestra Dusmet
“Les boites a musique” di Gianluigi Trovesi: Orchestra E. Patti
“La vita è bella” di Nicola Piovani: Orchestra E. Patti
“Walt Disney Medley”: Orchestra Dusmet
“Yellow Submarine” di Lennon/McCartney: Orchestra E. Patti
“Imagine” di John Lennon: Orchestra E. Patti
“Obladi oblada” dei Beatles: Orchestra E. Patti
“C’era una volta il west” di Ennio Morricone: Orchestre Dusmet & E. Patti



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